As the temperature drops, I find that being sedentary at my desk does not help my circulation. Cold hands and cold feet are very uncomfortable, plus with age, it seems to be getting worse. When I complained to my master, he showed me a little ancient Chinese tip to warm my hands.


Chinese Tip: Make a fist with thumbs between baby finger and ring finger.
Result:  This worked, but felt a little awkward.  So, I tried just a fist.  Actually, keeping your hands in this position for along period of time is quite tiring and stressful.  I felt tension building up.  Then I tried inserting my thumb in my fist without peeping through the fingers.  This really works for me! Try it!

So I thought about this.  First, by making a fist, you are decreasing the exposed surface area.    Two, by inserting your thumb you create a space with less air pockets.  Both makes sense why you can retain your own body heat.  The ancient Chinese were so clever!  It’s similar when you use gloves and mittens.  Mittens are always warmer than gloves because your hands give off heat which stays inside an enclosed space.  Do you suffer from cold hands?  Please give this a try to see if it works for you!

Do you have any wise ancient tips like these that you can share?

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