Once we move into a house, the energy of a house can change. Infact, like all things in life it is constantly changing!

Energy changes with those that reside in the house. When the lives of the residents change, the needs and space change which in return affect the energy.

The following affects changes in energy.
•    each individual’s energy
•    the  dynamics between the residents
•    the use of space
•    the forms of the space
•    the objects within the space
•    the dynamics between the residents and the space

Each individual has their own energy level. Some people consider your aura as the level of your energy.  But, as we all know, our level of energy can change in the split of a second, as it is affected by everything around us.  In feng shui, a constant energy level is considered better because it helps retain your energy, while fluctuations can cause depletion.

Family dynamics is always changing, it is never constant. Before we realize it, the young children are mature adults.  I remember when my youngest son was five years old, and I said, “Neil, I don’t think I can carry you much longer, you’re getting too big”.  He replied, “Mommy, I promise I won’t grow anymore”.  I just had to smile and hug him.  In no time, he’ll probably have to carry me!  Just as we must each learn to adjust with our own growth over time, we must also learn to adjust to the growth of those around us. There is not only the physical growth, but the mental and emotional growth that we must learn to understand too.

Even within families, there are those that we get along with and those that we must work harder to have a better relationship. The dynamics is always a work in motion.

As you grow and change, the use of each space may change with you. A bedroom may change into an office or an exercising room.  An office can change into a nursery.  A guest room may become a room to welcome an elderly parent.  Being flexible as individuals and being flexible in the use of space in important for good energy transitions.

Of course from a feng shui perspective the forms of the space reflect the energy of the space. So, moving, adding and subtracting objects all influence the space.  By placing objects that bring good feelings and reflect your interests is a good way to resonate with your space.

So, if you want to change the energy of your space, remember you can! Place images that make you feel good where you can see them easily.  Move objects and furniture to bring positive feelings and work on your personal relationships with all those that reside with you, and don’t forget your pets!  They have lots of energy too!

3 thoughts on “Can the Energy and Feng Shui of a House Change?”

  1. Jenny, I totally agree. We do affect the energy in our homes, and so do our pets. In return, our homes affect us too, that’s why I believe we should think carefully of what we want to bring into our homes. Clutter is the most evident example, I guess – the more clutter, the more confusion and stuck energy in our house and in our life.

    1. Yes, Cristina, clutter is a big problem in our lives. We tend to hang on to too many things because we are afraid to let go of our past or we don’t want to offend those that have given us the items. Learning to deal with these issues take time but when we break free it’s liberating! One solution I have found that works for me is to take photos of items I have a hard time letting go. That way I still have an image to recall all those memories.

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