Call it Japanese superstition or whatever you wish, the Japanese practice of analyzing blood type to personality is highly ingrained in their culture.

In general terms, type A is considered meticulous, hard working and a very reliable employee. Often companies will hire those with blood type A for accounting, general office work and jobs that require attention to detail. They are considered to be very good employees. On the other hand those with blood type B are considered to score better on the creative front, are a bit more opinionated but lack organizational skills. They often hold unconventional jobs.

My father is blood type O and my mother is blood type B. All seven of us siblings are blood type B. This can be considered a good thing and a bad thing! When my brother came home from college, he brought home a friend, who happened to be an only child. Amongst all the chaos and people, he seemed to be a bit perplexed, but fitted in nicely, managing to survive in this very B house!

What really threw him off was that he couldn’t figure out how all seven of us siblings would boss each other around. In such a crazy environment, with everyone telling each other what to do regardless of age, it was never a major issue among us. I think that when a situation happens all the time, it just feels normal, and furthermore we probably never really considered anyone’s opinion as too important! Easy come, easy go I guess.

What’s funny is how we all had no clue we were so bossy until he pointed it out!

Today as grown adults, we all are still bossy, but don’t live with one another anymore. With our own families and with age, I think we’ve mellowed out. Most of us aren’t married to blood type B’s. We need to find others such as blood type A’s to create a better balance. I find that many of my close friends are type A’s, who are wonderfully supportive. In the end, we all need each other regardless of our blood type. As in any office, your employees all can’t have similar personalities because you need a variety of skills to run a business. Diversity is a good thing and differences often bring out the best of our characters while making life more enjoyable. It’s good to embrace it all.

What blood type are you and do you match this description of blood type A or B? Or do you think this is just one of those cultural superstitions? Have fun finding your blood type and characteristics!

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  1. I didn’t know that you could assign personality types to blood type…well, there are diets for specific blood types, so maybe there are some common traits shared between each type. And what about type 0? That would be me 🙂

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