In my previous post I wrote about the common personality traits of blood type A and B. Then Cristina made a valid comment to inquire about blood type O. So this is to follow up on blood type O and AB.

The general belief in Japanese blood type analysis for blood type O is that they make great leaders. They are often found to be running corporations or organizations.

Now, trying to recall my high school biology class is not easy, but remember that it’s the only blood type that can be transfused to those with other blood types. This means blood type O can give to A, B and AB blood types, as well as O. Maybe this is where the theory comes from – a form of symbolism! They are accepting, level headed and have the ability to see the big picture, giving them the qualities of leadership. In my family, my father and husband are blood type O. They are very pragmatic, gentle people. Having blood type O around a blood type B, really helps to balance the rather scattered minded folk like me.

On the other hand, blood type AB is thought to be rather quirky. What’s interesting is that AB blood types can receive blood from everyone; A, B, AB and O! This makes them a blend of all personalities. One of my good friends has blood type AB and often has a good story to tell because he’s always up to something different. What’s quirky about him is that he can be very unpredictable and will easily disappear when he feels like it.

I have also heard about the blood type diet. There are those who believe that your dietary requirements differ depending on your blood type. Coming from a mixed marriage, I think there is some validity in that because I can see the difference in food cravings between my husband and me. Of course there is a cultural difference where being English he craves potatoes and I, being Japanese, crave rice, but above and beyond that there is a noticeable difference in our dietary needs. Being sensitive to your own body rhythms, can tell you many things about how you feel after a meal. For example, after eating a bagel for lunch, I feel like I need a nap! While I never have that feeling when I eat rice – funny isn’t it.

So, even though this theory can’t be proven through science, I think you can have personality differences with blood types. Did these descriptions match any of your friends or family? If you want to add some other characteristics please do so!

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4 thoughts on “Japanese Blood Type O and AB”

  1. Thanks for your post on Blood type O. I am such a blood type but I do not run a corporation although I do have my own business. I believed though that if I am the best resource person in my chosen field, clients and compensation will come knocking at my door. How would you classify that, I will leave you at your own expertise.

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry I wasn’t very clear, but running a business is very “O”. You are independent thinkers with the ability to see the “big picture”. Does this define you?

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