In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Global Finance section, the article, Stock Calls, Feng Shui Style“, caught my immediate attention. Well, I guess nowadays, anything that says feng shui catches my attention…..but stocks. “Now what?” I thought.

According to the article, a brokerage in Hong Kong releasesd it’s annual CLSA Feng Shui Index report. If feng shui is to live in harmony with the environment, I wondered how it could affect an investment.

After reading the article, I found that the fund is based on the Chinese Zodiac system, and the upcoming Year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are “energetic, active, alert and tame, though at times cowardly. CLSA said the year could be a volatile one for investors.” It also refers to the Chinese Five Elements stating that “metal and water” are hot while “earth” less exciting. Metal and water meaning businesses such as, airlines, shipping and financial companies while earth businesses are interpreted here as those in real estate.

Upon reading this, I realized they are blending the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese philosophy with feng shui because it sounds more exotic. It really has nothing to do with feng shui, but just a fun speculation for those who want some sort of astrological guidance to choose their stocks. My hope is that we can distinguish the difference between feng shui and other cultural beliefs and practices.

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