I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching a Feng Shui class at Bellevue College Continuing Education starting in February.  This class is intended for the home owner who is interested in learning how to improve their well-being in their home and the course name is :

Feng Shui Your Home

Ever wonder why some rooms you walk into have that special “feels good” factor? Come and learn how you can transform your living spaces by incorporating interior design with feng shui design principles, the ancient Chinese practice of environmental living design. Feng Shui analyzes the compatibility of the purpose of space, occupants and environmental energy. Simple solutions, such as moving furniture, changing pathways and décor can help achieve harmony and balance, improving well-being, empowering you to make better things happen in any area of your life. Book included with tuition.

For more information and to sign up please click here.

Please sign up!

photo:  pixabay.com PIRO4D


4 thoughts on “New Class: Feng Shui Your Home”

  1. Congrats Jenny! I know you’ll be a wonderful teacher of this class! Don’t we ALL want to know how to Feng Shui our home; to make our own space most effective! I wish I could take your class but in the mean time, will continue to check in on your informative and fun website! Thank you!!!

  2. Cristina, I thought I responded earlier, but my reply isn’t showing. Thanks so much for the encouragement.
    @Marie, thanks for stopping by and hope to write more useful tips on feng shui! Send me your questions too! Hope I can teach in other places someday…that’ll be fun!

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