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Natural, serene, soothing, calm and Zen are often used to describe Asian-inspired design and the environment it creates. Many Asian interiors are in large part the result of bringing the outdoors inside through the use of natural materials and the colors of nature. A minimalist approach is also a big part of Asian design. Following are some Living Room Design Ideas to get you started in creating your own Asian style décor.

Image 1:  Room Envy

Use a Natural Palette
Using differing earth tones such as red, beige, cream, brown and black will ensure a natural feel for your room. For example, in the picture above the designer started with a very neutral canvas in the beige floor, linen sofa and creamy white walls and roman window shades. The introduction of red through the cherry blossoms on the sofa table in the back of the room and on the sofa pillows carries the nature theme through to the lamp and additional toss pillows. The screen and coffee table give just the right touch of black without being overwhelming to the rest of the room.

Image 2 Solution-Furniture 

Keep It Simple
Using sparse furnishings and accessories are in true keeping with a minimalist approach. The image above, shows how having all interior items at a minimum can make a tranquil setting for much needed relaxation or a quiet place to visit with family and friends.

Image 3 Solution-Furniture

Let Nature In
Bringing in live plants such as lucky bamboo or other Asian greenery can give a feeling of tranquility to your living area. Vases of cherry blossoms or flowers in red add to the beauty. Another way to bring nature indoors is to install a decorative running fountain or a Zen garden in a corner with wood, stone and sand.

Image 4 The Lennoxx
The Lennoxx

Hang Wall Décor
Painted panels with Asian lifestyle scenes, animal paintings and rice paper ink drawings all go well in an Asian inspired living room. Other Living Room Design Ideas for artwork include shoji screens, Buddhist statues, and Asian tapestries.

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4 thoughts on “Asian Inspired Living Room Décor”

  1. Hi Cristina,
    Yes, Asian design is very simple because long ago people didn’t own many things and the spaces were multifunctional. The rooms were generally pretty empty. Today, much of Asia has become Westernized, but we are still drawn to our heritage. Do the Irish have a particular style?

  2. Wow! I can’t take my eyes on image 1. It’s so warm, refreshing and inviting. I love the color combinations. Really, Asian designs are a feast to the eyes.

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