Do you or anyone you know, suffer from pain or have health issues?  Don’t we all?  Yes, we are all concerned with our health because we know that better health means better life.

In feng shui, my master, Shan-Tung Hsu,  always teaches us about qi energy in all things and how balancing the yin-yang will help achieve well-being.  Master Hsu sent me the following video which reiterates his teaching in another form – healing.

This fabulous video is an interview with Hongchi  Xiao, a Taiwanese man, who has learned a way for each and everyone of us to self-heal ourselves through a very simple method.  You can change your life in the next 3 Videos .  Honest, it’s that powerful!  His method has four criteria:

  1.  Great effect – it must work.
  2. simple – learn it in one minute
  3. safe – no side effect
  4. using his techniques, you can heal hundreds of thousands of different diseases

Is this really possible?  Please watch the videos.

Hongchi Xiao, and my master have the same message.

A harmonious life is really about the relationship between human beings and nature, the Tao.

Mr Xiao says, “you can manage your health by yourself and ideally everyone should be their own doctor.  We have lost that ability.”  Master Hsu says, “Everything is a taiji, which means everything has a yin-yang and by balancing our living environment we create a holistic lifestyle”

To everyone’s health in body, mind and spirit!

5 thoughts on “Is There Such a Thing as Self-Healing?”

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  2. Chef Douglas R. Jones


    The message of:
    “harmonious life is really the relationship between human beings and nature, the Tao”. Touched me deeply,it’s to long of a story for me to attempt sharing what has lead me here.
    Regardless I’m pleased that I am,if your able to share more upon the Master Hongchi Xiao I would be most greatful. Is it possible to find any of his books/works in English or perhaps there is a chance to hear him speak.

    Thank you for all your good works,
    Be well, Douglas

  3. Hi Chef Douglas,
    Happy you are here! I wanted to know about Master Hongchi Xiao too. Master Hsu said his book was a best seller in Taiwan, so I asked if he had anything in English but it doesn’t look like he does at this time. I’ll try to see if I can find out more, but please be patient as my master is away, teaching in Russia.

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