A cup of tea.

A cup of tea is a good companion when you are alone and when you are with company.

My Master, Shan-Tung Hsu, has just published another book, The Essence of Tea.  Yes, it’s a tea book not a feng shui book.   You may wonder what a feng shui master has to say about tea, but actually, Master Hsu is not only a feng shui master, he is a qi gong, tai chi, Chinese tea master and a master of many things because he is constantly curious about life.  I know he’ll tell me not to say that and will blush because he is a modest man.  But, he really is knowledgeable about so many things that sometimes I find myself laughing at some of the very obscure things he knows.

The Essence of Tea reflects his philosophy on life through tea, as it’s partly educational, as well as poetic and inspirational.  After reading the book, I thought, “wow, what a wonderful book.” and that’s not because he’s my master.  I never thought of tea as something so simple yet complex and I’ve also found new appreciation for tea. I hope you will too.  This is a wonderful gift for everyone and anyone, especially for those who enjoy a simple cup of tea and some Asian philosophy!

Here is an excerpt from Master Shan-Tung Hsu’s The Essence of Tea:

Half of China

In 1972, President Nixon made his first visit to China, re-establishing diplomatic recognition between the United States and China.

Chairman Mao gave Nixon 200 grams of Wuyi Da Hong Pao tea as a gift.  Nixon was puzzled, and he privately remarked that Chairman Mao’s gift seemed rather small for such a historic occasion.

When Premier Zhou Enlai heard about this, he privately explained to Nixon that this very special tea come from four original “mother” trees, which altogether produced only 400 grams of tea per year.  “So you see,” said Zhou Enlai, “Chairman Mao has already given you half of China.”

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