Have you ever bit into fruit that was so dry and tasteless, that you ended up not eating it?  Buying good fruit is not always easy but hope these three tips can help.

I know only 3 sounds so little but I found that in this day and age of information overload, sometimes too many tips at once is overwhelming and you end up not remembering even one.  Well, maybe that’s just me….  .  I’m not including the obvious ones like; do buy local and seasonal fruit and avoid those that are wrinkled and bruised.

So here are the 3 simple tips.

1.   Buy heavy fruit. Whether citrus, apples, melons or pineapples heavy is better.  Yes, heavy equals juicy.

2. For grapes I like mine a little tart so , I buy those with green stems, not the dark brown, shriveled up ones, because I know those green ones have been picked recently and will last longer.  However, please note that because they’re green and may not be fully ripe, they’re not as sweet.

being from Hawaii, I buy pineapple often- maybe because it reminds me of my youth.  Pineapple from the islands are both juicy and sweet and can’t be beat.  Call me biased but the best pineapples are Maui Gold. Del Monte also makes a delicious gold pineapple so if you find any pineapple with the “Gold” label on it, it’s bound to be good so buy it!

Please share your tips on buying good fruit!

Photo: Pixabay

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