The Japanese word wagamama is very onomatopoeic.  I just like the sound of it.  Wagamama.  The English translation is selfish.   The word is usually used when children want to have their way, for example one would say ”stop being so wagamama and let’s try this new restaurant for a change”.

But, I recall a time when my girlfriend used “wagamama” for a good thing.
My neighbor lived in a large house that belonged to her grandmother.  Their extended family, who resided in this compound included her parents, husband and her two children.  I had met her grandmother a few times and she was very sharp and active.  What I didn’t realize at that time was that she was 91 years old!

One day I asked my girlfriend what kept her grandmother so young.  Without hesitation she said, “oh, she’s very wagamama.  She does what she wants to do and eats what she wants to eat.  When she wants a steak, she’ll have a steak!  In my opinion, it’s really stress free.”

So, to add to your list of how to live a long and healthy life, why not add wagamama. As long as you have a healthy mind and spirit, a little wagamama may not be a bad thing, plus it sounds fun!  What are your thoughts on being a little selfish when you’re older?

Picture: Pixabay

2 thoughts on “When is Wagamama a Good Thing?”

  1. Brilliant. You know that here in the uk there is a chain of Japanese restaurants called Wagamama? They have a big picture in every restaurant of a child slurping a big bowl of soup, I guess he’s being wagamama in a good way too!

  2. Hi Emily,
    I didnt know this until last fall. I was in Boston and I came across a Wagamama restaurant. Of courses I had to try it! FUnny, I didn’t notice the photo of the child, but you’re right, that’s good Wagamama! Thanks for sharing.

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