If you’re in search for some fresh interior design ideas for your floors, consider Asian style floor design.  In order to achieve Asian-style design, stick to a natural color palette of browns, reds, greens and tans when it comes to home decor. You’ll also want to stick to natural materials for your floor.  Stone tiles, wood floors and terra cotta are very popular in Asian-style floor design.  However, because these surfaces tend to be a little chilly, toss a jute or sisal area rug on the floor for warmth.  Let’s take a look at some homes with beautiful Asian style floor design.

Asian Style Floor Design

Actureans (via)

In this bright and lively living room, the floor design is a natural creamy off-white, topped with a mat beneath the coffee table.  You can recreate this look by adding a few more tufted floor pillows, a large wooden accent table lamp and lots of candles.

Asian Style Floor Design

Kickrs (via)

In this bold red bedroom with enviable brick accent walls, you can see, again, that an area rug and floor pillows have been used for a pretty, yet practical, effect.  Asian-style furniture typically incorporates low and clean, yet modern, lines.  So to keep this look from getting too drab, use a bold mat or area rug beneath your bed; look for one that compliments the colors of your room’s overall décor and one that goes with your other home accessories.

Asian Style Floor Design

8 Rd (via)

Dark gray stone tile is used throughout this Chinese artist’s colorful house.  Nature abounds in this hallway, with plenty of potted plants, wooden furnitures and accents.

Asian Style Floor Design

Inspiration for Home (via)

This room may incorporate plenty of modern design, but it’s the tatami mat that pulls the entire look together.  Tatami mats are a type of traditional Japanese flooring dating back to at least the 17th century.  Made of rice straw and covered in rush grass, these mats are beautiful, but also very durable; they can last up to 20 years.

Asian Style Floor Design

Carson Poetzl, Inc. (via)

One of the great things about Asian style floor design is its encouraging use of nature and natural materials.  Terracotta, wood paneling and stone tile in any color enhance the natural beauty of Asian style floor design.

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  1. I really feel the good ambiance as I’ve see the pictures and I truly believe that its a fresh interior design ideas for your floors, considering Asian style floor design. It’s very natural and I think its eco-friendly. Good job!

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