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Arranging your living room furniture can be a challenge.  One must always understand the relationship between the size of the room to the size and number of furniture pieces.

The other day I was trying to help arrange the furniture in a client’s living room when I noticed that each piece they owned was rather large in scale.   In general, American furniture is big and bulky as the homes are spacious and the people are larger.   When placing the sofa and chairs around the coffee table, it is necessary to leave ample space between the two so people can move in and out with ease.   However, too leaving much space in between the pieces  is also not recommended because it won’t make efficient use of the table.  So what is the best method to  find the right distance?  I recommend you actually go through the motion of sitting down on your sofa.   Then, with a glass in your hand,  just make sure you can place this glass on the coffee table in front without having to leave your seat.  Isn’t that simple?

It’s always more difficult when you are confronted with furnishing a large living room.  The common mistake is spreading the furniture around the room to fill the void.  What happens is that each piece becomes an island on its own and unfortunately its not functional.  Instead, create zones.  A conversation zone, a reading zone or a game zone are just a few ideas.  By defining the space you will actually use each area.

So, what’s the easiest way to go about  arranging your living room.  First, ask yourself this question: What is the purpose of this room?  If its to entertain guests and have a conversation, make sure the proximity of the chairs are close enough so you don’t have to shout at one another.  Remember to keep enough space between the table and chairs for comfortable passage.  Eye contact is important, so be sure the chairs are facing each other whereby no one has to twist their body to converse.  In good feng shui design we want people to interact and exchange chi energy, as this helps create good relationships.  If you imagine your furniture as people, instinctively you will keep them in close proximity to each other.

Now, if your sitting room is really an entertainment area where you watch T.V. or play video games, the best position is for you to be seated facing the monitor.  Depending on the size of your screen, make sure you far enough away to you don’t strain your eyes.

By asking the simple question, “What is the purpose of this room?” it is easy to find the best solutions for your needs.

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