The past few days I have been staring at my monitor for way too long!   This causes my eyes to feel very heavy and tired and I begin to squint.  So, I decided to ask my master if he had any advice or exercises he could teach me.   Master Hsu is like a walking encyclopedia and always has a solution  – I’m so fortunate!  I am passing along his advice.

Here are his tips:

1.  First, massage your temples using a little pressure and a circular motion.

2.  Now, underneath your brow bone and at the top of your eye socket, there are tiny nerves.  Massage and rub that area.

3.  Next, at the top of your cheekbone right below your eyes there is a pressure point.  Push on that spot and gently massage.

4.  Finally, using your thumb and index finger, pinch between your eye brows where the bridge of your nose begins, and massage that area using a circular motion.

Try these massages during the day with your eyes closed.  It should help relax your strained eye muscles and give you some relief.  These self help methods are always comforting to use has they have no side effects and are good ways to restore your bodily functions from overuse.


Photo by DANGTIMÔ TIMÔ on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Too Much Monitor Time? Massage for Tired Eyes”

  1. If you’ve been sitting around all day looking at a computer screen and your eyes are starting to look like a commercial for clear eyes, maybe its time you treat your looky, loos to something special. Massage it well known to increase circulation, release stress, and improve general well being. Remember that our eyes are made for us to see how wonderful the creation of God was. So, take good care of your eyes.

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