Instead of shopping for art for your walls, why not create your own.

As I was spring cleaning and changing our calendars to 2012, I was feeling that it was a shame to throw away some of the beautiful black and white photos of famous architecture from around the world.  So, before I threw them out, I thought I’d just take a quick photo.  I liked what I saw.

Here I took a snapshot of the 3 images from the calendar and placed a live pine branch on the side  to give contrast to the black and white photos to give a bit of  life and dimension to an otherwise flat photo.

Next, I used just the Japanese garden image and placed the pine across.

Centering the pine in the middle of the image was a bit distracting. Instead I thought that I should place the branch in a way that would mimic the trees within the garden.  The next photo is that attempt.

This is my favorite.  It seems that the pine complements the photo instead of fighting with it.

Why not trying doing this with some of your favorite images from books and magazines? Add natural elements like, rocks, leaves or even branches like I did.  You too can easily make lovely Asian art!

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