At the local community center in my neighborhood, this rock sculpture/seating area is located just right outside the entry.  Six rocks hanging in a circle:   interesting?   Maybe… but from a feng shui design perspective, it’s very poor design.

This is a community center, with beautiful gyms and rooms that can be used and rented by residents of our city.  They offer wonderful classes for everyone at a very reasonable cost, and it’s a great asset to our community.  This space could have been a enjoyable little playground for children or a warm welcoming seating area where one could enjoy an outdoor lunch.  But, does this place look inviting to you?

I’m looking at these huge rocks and thought to myself, “what were they thinking?”  They hung these heavy things off the ground!  What’s the purpose of that?  These large rocks are solid and stable and should be on the ground where kids can climb or sit.  I just wonder, how much labor and engineering was needed to get these things off the ground?  Let alone the cost!  If I had a small child, even though I’m pretty sure they are held up properly, I would be subconsciously worried that they may drop.   Furthermore, where we live, it rains often and we have a lot of gray, damp days.  If I wanted to sit outside with a friend, I really wouldn’t want to sit on a cold hard surface.

Good design is beautiful, functional and economical.  These community centers are supported by our taxes and I just wished they had made better use of the space.  Unfortunately, is has become “dead space” because it’s not utilized much.  Remember, being different or exciting is a good thing, however, it should make sense.  It’s just a shame they didn’t think of the real community.

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