In Feng Shui teachings, my master, Dr. Shan-tung Hsu, teaches us that our living environment affects our qi energy. Therefore, it can also be said that people in our close physical proximity affect our qi energy.  Humans are constantly exchanging qi energy with one another, as energy is never static.

Our living environment, 24 hours a day, whether we are awake or asleep, we are exchanging qi energy with one another.
Who do you spend time with and how does that affect you?  Have you ever thought about the number of people you interact with from when you wake up to the time you go to bed?  Is it just one person or are their thousands of people?  Maybe you are mostly alone, but spend your whole day with your pet.  Or do you spend most of your time with colleagues rather than family?  For some, traveling using public transportation means being in the physical proximity with many other people they have no personal connection with.  How does this affect our energy?  Which is more important:  the number of people or who they are?  Is the difference in age a factor?  There are many, many variables to consider.  But, here let’s just examine the big picture.

Simply being physically near someone, our qi energy is being exchanged.
We have all experienced being in the same room with someone in a wonderful mood, full of high spirits.  You can feel their energy rise and somehow yours is raised with theirs. This is very similar to playing a team sport when someone on the team is able to bring the energy level up, and all of a sudden everyone steps it up and the whole team is playing much better.  There are some people who just light up the room with their presence.  This is because they say, they posses a higher energy level.

On the other hand, being in the presence of someone who is down and depressed, can immediately cast a shadow on yours.
I also find that stress seems to breed stress.  But, on a positive note, success seems to breed success.  In feng shui, they say the exchange of qi energy happens, regardless if there is any interaction between people.  Just being in the same space with another person can affect our qi energy level.

Qi energy levels can also be understood by observing body language and facial expressions as well. Posture, stance, and how we walk are all signs that help us understand someone’s energy level.  When we see someone taking small steps with a walker, we know their energy level is low.  In contrast, children playing tag in the park is a sign of high energy.  We are all intuitive to understand  energy levels and moods by being observant of actions.

So what does this mean? This means that if we just raise our awareness of those around us, we can intuitively understand their energy level.  By understanding their energy, you begin to understand how this may be affecting your energy.  This means that the more time you spend with someone, the more your qi energy is exchanged.  That’s why it becomes important to spend time and make time with people you admire, respect, and enjoy being with.  It means, physically be around your loved ones.  It means, being empathetic towards those around you and you can help bring their energy level up with yours.  Words are not always necessary.   Regardless of what is spoken, qi energy is being exchanged.

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