Even though I have studied Form School Feng Shui for many years, when people ask me for a definition, it’s very difficult to give a precise answer. When I say feng shui is “living in harmony with nature”, it often ends up sounding trite.  Nowadays, there are many who promote a natural lifestyle, so it’s hard to distinguish one from the other.  Yes, it’s a dilemma.  But sometimes, we come across something that helps explain things without a “definition”.  I think you can really understand Form School Feng Shui from this simple, wonderful article.

Last month, my feng shui master, Dr. Shan-tung Hsu, wrote a wonderful piece on his blog titled: The Feng Shui Prospective of the 9-11 Memorial Park.  It’s about how we see a building, site or location from a feng shui perspective and how a true feng shui analysis can and should be done.

It does not incorporate direction nor does it look at astrology. Master Hsu’s knowledge of how we see things through form, and how form translates into the qi energy is well understood through his explanation.  He also uses the Yin-Yang theory to describe the Memorial and its manifestations.

Please do read his post. I think those with an architectural or design background will appreciate his analysis of how we can learn from our mistakes as well.  I encourage those who are also interested in feng shui design to please click on this article. The Feng Shui Prospective of the 9-11 Memorial Park.
Thanks and hope you share this wonderful Form School feng shui knowledge with many others.

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