Okra is not a Japanese vegetable, but being married to a Brit,  I do enjoy an okra curry.  That being said, we do eat okra in Japan.  This is a quick and easy side dish, that doesn’t really require cooking.  Just zap it in the microwave and your done. The only thing is, it requires bonito flakes.  What’s that?  Bonito or katsuo in Japanese, is a fish similar to tuna and is the source of basic stock used in Japanese cuisine.  To make the flakes, they dry the fish and then make fish shavings, called katsuo bushi,  that look similar to wood shavings.   This is what it looks like and often they sell it in individually wrapped packages.

Okra, Japanese Style
Recipe type: side dish
Cuisine: Japanese
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Simple, quick side dish
  • 1 lbs. fresh okra
  • 1 packet katsuo bushi
  • 1 tablespoon or more of soy sauce
  1. Wash and trim okra
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave until done. About 2 to 3 minutes
  3. Chop into bite size pieces
  4. Sprinkle one whole packet of katsuo bushi on top
  5. Pour soy sauce over and blend well. Adjust soy sauce amount to your liking.
That's it!

I guess you wouldn't call this cooking....but it makes a great quick side dish.

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