Deep fried wonton in our house is a family favorite. The crunchy exterior combined with the savory filling makes this a satisfying appetizer.  Just dip in your favorite sauce or even enjoy them plain!  Ours is just a simple blend of soy sauce and mustard.
This recipe has only a few ingredients which makes it easy to remember and easy to make!  Bring them to a party and watch them quickly disappear!
Deep Fried Prawn Wonton

1 lb. raw prawns, cleaned and roughly chopped
9 pieces of whole water chestnuts, chopped – I like them chunky
1 tablespoon sake, Japanese rice wine
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 package wonton wrappers
Cooking oil for deep frying

Dip:  soy sauce and mustard.

1. In a bowl add chopped prawns and chopped water chestnuts.  The combination of prawns and juicy yet crunchy water chestnuts are perfect!
2. Add the sake and cornstarch, mix well
3. Heat oil in fryer or deep pot to prepare for deep frying

To Wrap:
1. Place wrapper on the diagonal, with the corners facing vertical and horizontal.
2. Place about a heaping teaspoon of prawn/water chestnut filling in the center of the wrapper.
3. Wet the edges using water and ford the wrapper in half to make a triangle
4. Bring the corners together and seal.  If you can’t make this shape, not to worry.  Triangles work fine!

To Cook:
1. Deep fry until golden brown, about five minutes.
2. Drain and serve with your favorite dip.
Try it for your next family gathering!

Photo: Pixabay

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