For many of us, back to school means slowly changing our routines to accommodate the school and our children’s schedules.  In our home, this will change, as over the weekend we are sending our youngest to college.  Our kids decided to go to university an airplane ride away.  Because of these logistics, I have had to think of ways to pack efficiently.  Unlike the past, airlines now charge for each piece of luggage so we have tried hard to keep things to a minimum.  I know I know, he’s not going to Mars, so he can purchase whatever he doesn’t have at the local shops.  But, us crazy mothers feel the need to make sure our kids have everything they need.

When our first son went to college, I bought a lot of bedding and linen.  Some of my friends order their linen online and have them sent directly to the dorm.  But, I just like to have them washed before they use it.  That means we have to bring them with us, which also means more luggage.  Our solution?   Space Bags.  Yes, those bags that vacuum pack your clothes by sucking all the air out of the bags.  Your puffy down jackets, sweaters, bulky comforters and pillow are now flat packets!

Many years ago, when our first born went to college, we were in his dorm and started to unpack one of his boxes. His roommate and his parents,  who were from Trinidad and Tobago,  watched in amazement.   We kept pulling more and more items out of the box and they said they thought we had a Mary Poppins bag!  It was pretty funny.

space bag before
space bag after

The image of the space bag before shows a very puffy bag.  Inside there are 2 bath, 2 hand and 2 face towels, one XL Twin sheet set and one fleece blanket.  See how small the after picture is!

So, when I tell my girlfriends about this, they agree that Space Bags aren’t only good for those traveling by plane.  This works for those going by car as they can carry more things in the limited space.   Getting stuff there is one thing.  Hopefully, by the time they move on, they will own a vacuum cleaner and those space bags will still come in handy once again!  Bon Voyage to all!

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