Japanese New Years toysHappy New Year!  As Taoist teachings always say, with every ending there is a beginning.  Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013!

Beginnings bring hope, change, and possibilities.  These are all positive and optimistic views of life.  It’s all about that feel good energy.  That’s why many of us feel the need to make a New Year’s resolutions list, to better ourselves and our lives.

Over the years, my New Year’s resolutions focused on my physical health and diet.  For years I tried to commit to more exercise, eating more fruit and vegetables, and drinking less alcohol.  But, I found that the more extreme the resolution, the smaller the success.  After a start with good intentions, the gung ho attempts slowly fizzled and I would go back to my old habits.  Then, there was disappointment of my weakness.

How could I overcome this?  I decided to start with lower expectations and smaller changes.  It felt more doable and there was less pressure.  Exercise was good if I went once or twice a week.   That was doable.  My diet really wasn’t that bad, I just needed more variety.  That was doable.  My hobbies of ikebana and tea were also doable and enjoyable when I didn’t have to commit to going every week.  I found teachers that were flexible and accepting that we all have other commitments in life.

But the one resolution that made the biggest difference for me was simply finding ‘quiet’ time.  Some may call this meditation, but I just like to call it ‘quiet’ time because then I don’t feel any pressure to having to clear my mind.  It’s okay for my thoughts to wander.   Those little moments of ‘quiet’ time here and there seemed to improve and calm my emotions.  Now, if something or someone bothers me, I take the time to think it through and put myself in their shoes.  It’s amazing how you get a better picture of situations by just taking those little steps.  It helps me make better decisions too.

 Over the years, I must admit that feng shui has changed my life in many ways that I didn’t expect.  I learned that it’s not only about the space we live in; it’s about finding harmony in life. 

Feng shui has taught me about harmony in body, mind, and spirit.   In our teachings, all three are inter-connected.   My master emphasizes to remember that more important than a beautiful body and functioning organs is the health of our mind and spirit.  Taking time to nurture our mind and spirit brings more clarity and calmness, which in turn brings a quiet happiness.  I hope to continue to share what I learn from my Master Hsu.

So here’s to wishing everyone a happy and healthy body, mind, and spirit.  And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and encouragement! I truly appreciate all you do.  Happy New Year! 

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