17-5641_Emerald_thumb  For those who follow the Lunar Calendar, Happy Chinese New Year!  With the New Year comes a new color trend.  The 2013  Pantone color of the year is Emerald.  Coming from the “Emerald City” Seattle, I am all for green.  It’s one of my favorite colors.

Although I love green, for interior design purposes, Emerald Green is a not an easy color to work with.  It’s a bold color that makes a statement.  That’s why, for interiors, I suggest using it sparingly. Otherwise, it has a tendency to overtake the whole space.  As we look to nature for inspiration, what do we find  that’s emerald green?  Some of the evergreens in my neighborhood could pass for emerald, but when the weather is so gray it’s hard to tell.  And that’s the point I’m trying to make.  The environment and lighting can change how you perceive a color.  This means that even the same green will appear different depending on where it is placed, what it is next to, the lighting, the weather, the season and it’s whole environment.

Elle Décor April 2011
Elle Décor April 2011

But, what we do notice is that when there is bright sunlight on the trees, and the sky is clear and bright, the green comes to life!  The contrast and light makes the leaves appear more pleasing to the eye.  So, in the same way, to enhance an emerald green object, a background of  gold, white, and creamy neutrals will help bring out it’s full potential.

For those who enjoy keeping up with trends, and want to add a touch of emerald into your lifestyle, why not try incorporating emerald through your clothing or accessories.  After all, the emerald stone is stunning  in jewelry.  And an emerald green dress is a winner for any special occasion.  A green vase is stunning!

But one of the reasons why I love green is because it has that healing component.  Green is the color of nature and all her plants.  When viewing a natural landscape covered in greenery, all your worries and troubles seem to melt away.  Things that seem so important just a few minutes ago suddenly seem so small, so trivial.  And why is it that ‘getting away’ to the country side always seems to have a therapeutic effect?  Have you noticed that even when you are ‘doing nothing’, just being in the natural environment is therapy.  That’s the magic of nature.  That’s why I enjoy studying feng shui.   We do believe that our environment does affect our well-being.  Also, in the Chinese Five-Element Theory, green resonates with Spring. So I like to imagine new shoots breaking the earth.  New life means new energy,  new chi.

So ,for 2013,  emerald is a good color.  Following the symbolism of green, why not use it as a challenge for new beginnings.  Maybe you want to start a new hobby, a new business, or even meet new people.

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