In June, our son graduated from college in Philly.  It was a very happy occasion for our family.

The last time I was in Philly was when he was moving in as a freshman.  That seems like yesterday, but how time goes by so quickly.  Since my last visit, the university had been going through major construction and I could hardly recognize the place!

There seemed to be a new building on every corner!  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m exaggerating, but honestly, that’s what it looked and felt like.  Navigating the streets with my poor sense of direction was even more of a challenge!  I really had no idea where I was…so I had to stick closely to everyone.

Construction means development.  And that means change.  Change can be difficult, but change in this case, is good.  Change is also natural as nothing in the universe is constant.

When we go through change, there is a transition period.  Sometimes that transition can be difficult, uncomfortable and usually requires patience and tolerance.  In this case, the transition from an old university campus to a newer, technologically advanced campus is the construction.

Construction sites are often unsightly, dusty, and difficult for everyone.   Spaces are cramped, noise can be irritating and getting from one place to another may take more time.  There are lots of inconveniences.

Other considerations include the safety of pedestrians, who must walk through close proximity through the sites.  Often construction sites simple use plain wall panels, or canvas to separate the work from the people.  Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable walking through such areas, because they can be constricting, dark, and unstable.   I also wonder how safe these areas actually are.

But that sunny day, as we were walking through the temporary walkways to attend our son’s graduation ceremony, I didn’t let anything bother me.  The school also tried their best to be welcoming to all the parents, relatives and friends who were there to celebrate the special occasion.  I noticed they had really made an effort to soften the impact of the ‘ugly’ construction site.

Then I noticed the good feng shui!  At one of the openings of the walkway, they had placed two real potted plants, framing each side.  Then along the path and up the ramp, continued a row of the same species of real plants.  “Wow”  I thought, “this is great feng shui!”  This is form school feng shui in action – using real plants to soften the impact and balance the energy!   Here are the photos I took with my phone.

You can see how just a few plants can make a huge difference to how one feels in the space.  Never underestimate the power of real plants!

And most important –  how did I feel?  Yes, it’s a construction site. But those few plants made me feel welcome and safer.  This is great feng shui by design.  Well done and thanks for making this special day just a bit better!

Drexel plants 1 Drexel plants 2











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