Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s a wonderful time to reflect and give thanks for all the friends, family and community we have.  Thank you to you, my readers,  who have been very kind and supportive!

On a personal note, this is the second year that all of our boys will be celebrating away from home.  Although, I’m a little lonely without them, it’s a reminder that nothing is constant.  Change is natural and as we all grow and stretch we must understand that even though we sometimes wish for time to stand still, it never will.  This reminds me of a story when my youngest son was around four or five years old.  I said, “oh, Neil, I won’t be able to carry you anymore because you’re getting too big.”  His response was, “don’t worry Mom, I promise I won’t grow anymore.”  But, alas now he can carry me!  Yes, change happens!

We are thankful that even though they won’t be here, I know they will be with friends.   Well, maybe one will be alone as he studying in China.  At least, he knows that he is always in our thoughts.  I am also grateful that they can be away from home and have the ability to carve their own environment.  So to everyone, including those who are with family and for those who are with friends and maybe some who are alone, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and send you my sincere thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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