In continuation of my New Year’s Resolution of “Increase Energy”  – here is step 4:  Connect Inward with Nature and step 5:  See Beauty in All Things

Let me review my Five Steps To Increase Energy.

  1. Meditate
  2. Spend time with people
  3. Help others
  4. Connect Inward with Nature
  5. See Beauty in All things

Connect Inward with Nature

I find that as I get older, seeing and being in natural environments boosts my spirits.  I can sit for hours staring at trees, mountains or water.  I also like to watch clouds.  The colors, shapes and patterns stimulate my imagination.  Feeling that I’m a part of the universe is humbling.  All my worries seem so trivial.  It’s good to put everything in perspective. 

During my visit to Honolulu, I decided to put my words into action.  I went to Foster Botanical Gardens near Chinatown with my mother and her first grade classmate, Helen.  This is a public garden, and “a living museum of tropical plants, some rare and endangered, which have been collected from throughout the world’s tropics over a period of 150 years.”  Helen, who has volunteered at the park for 25 years gave us a personal guided tour.  Upon entering the garden, you are greeted with a magnificent tree.

Bohdi Tree
Bodhi Tree

This is the Bo tree or Bodhi tree, also known as the ficus religiosa.  Buddha was enlightened while sitting under a Bo tree.  This tree is actually a descendent of that very tree in India!  Apparently, someone  brought it back from a trip to India.  I felt very blessed to have encountered this magnificent tree.

cannon ball tree
Cannonball tree
Ti leaves
Ti leaves











The garden was full of exotic plants and flower.  We were having so much fun,  we didn’t realize that we were there for 2 1/2 hours.  Seeing all the unusual, beautiful plants was truly uplifting!  And thanks to Helen for a wonderful tour.  Here are the 1st grade classmates Lily and Helen at 86 and 85 respectively.

Lily and Helen
Lily and Helen

See Beauty in All Things

The garden made me realize that there really is beauty in everything.  Yes, I admit I love simple beautiful things, but don’t we all?

We all have things that we find beautiful and resonate with our hearts.  As I was raised in a Japanese environment, I love the traditional folk craft, pottery, lacquer ware and all things Japanese.  But, I have to remind myself that beauty is not only physical, there is beauty in all things.  Although beauty is different for each of us, I hope to expand my definition of beauty and learn to appreciate the beauty in all things.

 So that’s my list of five steps that increase my energy!    Hope you will put together your own list of what will increase your energy.  May 2014 be blessed with life energy for you!



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