My one New Year’s Resolution was:  Increase Energy.

I know it’s just one, but there are many facets to this one.  My step one was  – Meditate.  You can read the post here.

Now, on to step two – Spend Time with People

In learning about energy, Dr. Hsu tells us that people connect to living things.

  • First, people connect to people
  • Second to birds and animals
  • Third to plants

Connecting may seem like a simple step, but I think it’s relevant in our society today.  Yes, we do connect with many people through the internet, but it’s also important to connect with people in the flesh.

People connect with people.  We are all connected.

First, we are connected to family.

I believe we all have a special bond with our family, that’s why we are together in this world.  I live in Washington state but none of my direct family live here, except for my husband.  Our sons currently live away.  Most of my relatives live in Hawaii.  So, sometimes I really miss my family, as we are all quite close.  I need time to reconnect, see them and be with them.  It brings me back to my roots and for me, it’s therapy.  It’s not that we have to have organized activities together.  Just being together is quite comforting.  I think this comes from my Asian roots.

In Asia, living in a multi-generational home is the norm.  Until recently, there was no such thing as assisted living or a retirement home.  We lived with our grandparents and all the generations in between.  That’s the most natural thing.  The older generation would pass their knowledge to the young.  As children, we learned from helping, doing and watching.   But families are different now, even mine.  We all live our own lives and we go where we must, to grow and stretch and be who we must be. With technology today, I don’t feel so isolated, but I do feel lonely at times.  We have many convenient ways to communicate, but there is something to be said about seeing others in person.

Right now, I’m visiting my parents.  My Dad is hard of hearing, so we don’t ‘talk’ very much.  But, we sit together and I massage him and hold his hand.  That’s my way of non-verbal connection.  Being here is good for me and is a way that makes me feel healed.  No matter how old we are, when with my parents, I do feel like a kid again.  For me, it’s a way of increasing my energy.

Second, we are connected to friends.

Friends are usually people who we resonate with, share the same values, interests, experiences or ideas.  Go and be with them.   Socialize and spend time together so you can share your energies.  It doesn’t have to be anything special activity.  It can just be a quick cup of coffee together.   Open your heart to connect and listen.

Third, make new connections.

And finally, as they say in Chinese philosophy, with every Yin there is a Yang.  If Yin is being with people you feel at home with, in your comfort zone, the Yang would be to go out and meet new people.  The Yang would be to create change, new friendships and new experiences and learn new things.  Put yourself out of your comfort zone. Who knows, you may find your next adventure in life!

Let’s go out and increase our energy by spending time with others in person!


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