Several clients have lamented that they have no windows in their office. One shared, “I don’t know if it’s sunny or raining. After a while, I have to get out of my office so I can see outside. I don’t know why, but I just want to know what the weather is like.”

Imagine sitting in a small room with no windows. There is no natural light. There is no view of greenery. There is no view of the sky. How would you feel?

Now imagine a room with windows, filled with sunlight, with a view of trees and sky. How do you feel now?

Several years ago I read a book on the study of biophelia whereby they did an experiment on patients in a hospital. They compared patients with a window in their room verses those without a window. What they found was that those with a window were discharged sooner than those without.

So yes, being cut off from nature can affect your moods and emotions, which in turn can also affect your health. What can we do to improve and bring chi to an office with no windows? As I’ve said before, life brings life.

This means that people, pets, and live plants will bring life to a room. Having many visitors is a good thing. If you’re allowed to bring your dog or other pet to work, do so. And the easiest solution is to buy plants that require little or no light to decorate your office. Why not try plants that grow well in water not soil? Cut flowers are also a wonderful way to cheer up the space.

Another idea is to have several indoor plants and rotate them between your home and office so they do get some sunlight once in a while. Treat them well and they will survive. leaves in vase

In my home, we have bathrooms that have no windows. What I like to do is to have cuttings, small branches, a single flower or even just a leaf or two in a small vase to bring a little life to the otherwise, lifeless space.


Why not try a small floating arrangement. In a bowl of water, float cut flowers and/or leaves and watch their swirling movements. It’s quite relaxing! The key is to find flowers that are light in weight and have radial symmetry. Flowers that are too heavy or too big will sink to the bottom of the bowl.

floating arrangement

By implementing just one of these little tips, you’d be amazed at how even a tiny touch of nature can uplift your chi!

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