Much of feng shui is based on nature and common sense.  As the title says, it’s bad feng shui to build on a floodplain.  This is really basic common sense, but you’d be surprised as how many people actually build on a flood plain.

Elevation map of New Orleans. Blue/purple indicates elevations below the average level of Lake Pontchartrain (1983-2001) and orange/brown indicates elevations above.

A good example of this is the city of New Orleans in Louisiana.  Now, as you can see on the map, the blue area is below sea level.  That’s right, it’s below sea level.

Why did they build the city where the land is below sea level?  Because of all the water access, New Orleans was a great trading depot.  It also had other advantages that made it an attractive place to build.  As trading began to prosper, the city grew, and grew, and grew.

In feng shui, water represents money and expansion.  So it’s no wonder that the city grew.  But what they probably didn’t realize is that they violated the basic rule of choosing a site to build.  They built the city on a floodplain.

The growth of a city never happens overnight.  We understand that the city grew as it attracted more wealth.  It just had to accommodate more business and people and it was probably too late to move.

In New Orleans they built levees and found ways to pump out the excess water.  However, we all know that in the end, nature will dictate the flow of water, the flooding is inevitable.  Feng shui says, we must learn to work with nature and we cannot conquer her.

The thought about flooding came to me on my morning walk.  It was raining again. So, I lowered my head to keep my hood down, protecting me from getting too wet.  My gaze shifted to the asphalt and then I noticed something.  Why were there so many worms on the path?  Where did they come from?worm Flooding bothell flooding bothell 2

I observed that there was flooding along both sides of the path.  The worms had to get out from the flooded area and the only “dry” spot was the asphalt pathway.  Even worms must find ways to move away from flooded areas.

Dr. Hsu was right.  Nature has all the answers.  Don’t build on a floodplain.  And for those buying a home, make sure it’s not built on a floodplain.


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