A cul-de-sac is a dead end street, often with a circular turnaround.  As a feng shui consultant, I’m often asked whether a cul-de-sac is good or bad feng shui, as there seems to be much confusion on this topic.

Cul de sac 2Cul-de-sacs come in a range of sizes and shapes.  Most often the main concern is the home that is directly in line with the road.  The flow of energy from the cars driving into the cul-de-sac is directed at this home.

But, common sense tells us that when driving into a dead end street, we automatically slow down.  Furthermore, cars must follow the road along the curve.  Therefore, the impact toward the house is greatly lessened.  So, there is really nothing to worry about in this scenario.  If you find that you are in line with the cars and feel vulnerable, you can remedy the situation.  Plant a hedge or tree, or place a low wall between your home and the road.  By creating a barrier it will slow down the driver as well as protect you.

When we were a young family with small children, the cul-de-sac was a sense of comfort for me.  The following image is the general shape of the cul-de-sac in front of our old house.  This dead end with a cluster of six homes was a safe area that just a few families shared.  With such a limited number of homes, we knew that only a few cars would need access to this street.  We felt comfortable enough for our children to use the space throughout their childhood.  It truly was a safe playground.  They rode their bikes, played baseball without ever breaking anyone’s windows, threw a football, and even tossed around a lacrosse ball in their later years.   Cul de sac1

Cul-de-sacs can also be a safe haven in other respects.  As neighbors, you get to know everyone’s cars.  If an unrecognizable car is parked, it’s very noticeable.  So, without being nosey, it’s an unspoken way of neighbors looking out for each other.

Also, for criminals a dead end street is not an attractive place to attack.  With only one entrance and one exit, crooks are afraid of being cornered.   This discourages them.  And that can be very reassuring in this day and age.

Now, as we said earlier, cul-de-sacs come in different scales.  It can be a small group of four homes to a big circular road with ten homes.  The tighter the space, the closer you are to your neighbors.  The larger the area, the more privacy you have.

If you really enjoy your privacy, you may want to reconsider a tight cul-de-sac.  Keep in mind that because a cul-de-sac is an enclosed area, it’s also a community within itself.  When choosing to live there, you must think about whether you are willing to be a considerate and respectful neighbor.  The dead end road will be shared daily.  And yes, the road is public property.  But, because today in many neighborhoods parking has become a premium, sharing the space can create unforeseen tension.  I’ve seen many people who become extremely possessive about public parking.

Feng shui is about living in harmony.  It’s not only about the energy of a space.  Harmony also requires respect for the environment and for others.  With an open heart and a harmonious attitude, a cul-de-sac can be a wonderful safe place for a family home.

20 thoughts on “Feng Shui of a Cul-de-sac”

  1. Great advice! May i ask you something?

    I have a house viewing for a house that is located in a tranquil cul-de-sac which is set along a private road, behind electric security gates on a private estate. Its a beautiful house and the area is very affluent but i was wondering if its a bit too far from the outside world? You have to drive everywhere as there are no amenities to walk to.
    Minus that, the garden is bigger than the front lot and its perfect.

  2. @Kiki Figuring out if the house is too far from the outside world depends on your perception. What are you looking for in this house? Is it privacy? convenience? How long do you plan to live there? Think about what you want this house to be for your current lifestyle and your future. How often will you venture out? Are you willing to trade time with what it offers? By answering those questions it should help you come to a good decision.

    1. Dear

      Planning ro move near mom with altzheimer disease to help out. Looking for a house and foud one in cul de sac. House entrence is not direct to the street s end. Should we buy?

    1. @Kiki, Just watched the video. It’s a gorgeous house and I can now understand what you mean by having everything you want. What you need to ask yourself is if this house will support your life. It’s a big house for just 2 people. With such a large home, it’s good that you’re social. If you invite people over and use the space then it will be good. The house’s form is very traditional. In general, that’s also positive because the form is whole. If you would like a private consultation for further details, please contact me. jenny@asianlifestyledesign.com. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Hi. So I am looking to rent a home that is on a culdesac street. The street looks like the first illustration you have above. The house is not in the round part; its about 2-4 houses before you get to the round part. The house is beautiful and I would love to secure but wanted to get a better feel for living on a culdesac street since I’ve heard negative things. Thanks for your help!

  4. Hello and good day. I am about to buy a house which is located in a cul de sac street. Could you advise me if it’s really a bad choice? They say living in a cul de sac means bad luck. I really love the house. I am just worried about some superstitious beliefs that I’ve been hearing and reading as well. Please advise. Thanks

    1. @Paul, cup de sacs are not bad luck.
      Depending on the size you need to slow down which actually makes them quite safe. The energy depends on where in the cult de sac the house is located.

      1. The house is really located around the curve of cul de sac. What can I do to control or manage the energy? Thank you so much

  5. Hi! We are actually bought the house located in the cul de sac. We are going to be on the right side. But this cul de sac has a pathway in the moddle of that circle going to the next neighborhood. Its not really enclosed like the usual cul de sac. I read a lot regarding cul de sac but not really article tackles about this one. Thank you.

  6. Hi! Our lot in a vilage locatec at the dead end of the road, entering into the road seen 3 houses in the left side and 2 houses at the right before arriving our lot. We are planning to build houses but one house fronting the deadend road. Is it bad kuck or not good for house fronting it?

    1. If you are building fronting the dead-end road in a quiet neighborhood where traffic is slow and light, there is no issue.
      However, if the road is busy, you will need to protect your house from the oncoming traffic energy. To do this build a barrier between your house and the road. Meaning, it’s best to set the house further back from the road. Depending on the volume of traffic, you can change the material. More traffic means a stronger material such as stone may be more desirable. If there isn’t much, a hedge will work well to buffer the energy.

  7. I’ve lived in houses in cul de sacs mostly ..as that’s what I look for, you can’t beat the security of a cul de sac and usually neighbours are friendly .. not sure what all this is about .. who made up feng shui? Who cares? If you’re not happy move ..always sold houses on culdies quick so not many ppl know about bad feng shui.

  8. Hi! We are currently looking for a house. And one of the houses is located at the center/ corner of a letter L. Is that bad feng shui?

    1. @Fatima, it’s hard to give you an accurate answer because I don’t know what the surrounding environment is. But, in general, a cul-de-sac is a very child-friendly and safe environment.

  9. My daughter and husband have a new baby and need to move to a bigger house. The house they liked is at the center of the cul de sac facing the street in centre. The owner said he was living there for 20 years but has to sell and move in with his relatives because he is very sick. We felt quite apprehensive though the house is beautiful and with a big yard, we understand being at the center of the cul de sac is bad luck? The owner is still young but very sick with kidney failure, and isn’t that proof the house is bad luck?

    1. Hi Maripoza,
      Cul de sac influences depends on size, location, and environment. It’s hard to say unless we understand the scale.
      that being said, usually, it’s practiced that if feng shui is an issue, it would manifest in a much shorter time period, 1-3 years. The fact that this person lived here for 20 years suggest that it may not be a house issue. Feng shui is part of the big picture. We say events in life happen due to time, place, people and unforeseen events. This means feng shui is only 1/4 of the equation.
      I suggest talking to the owner about his feelings of the house. If you get a chance to talk to the neighbors too, that will give you a much clearer bigger picture. Wishing your daughter’s family the best!

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