plum-641836_640Wishing all my readers a very healthy, happy, and loving 2016! 

The New Year always brings time for reflection and time for hope.  What did we accomplish last year?  What change and growth will be experience this year?  What did I do right?  What did I do wrong?  How can I improve?  So many questions flood my mind.

Personally, 2015 was a very mixed year between being very hopeful, trying, and unsettling.  But, somehow, at each hurdle we learn to take a deep breathe, make the most of it, try our best and move on forward.  I know life has it’s ups and downs and realize we are all vulnerable.  We each have our own story and personal struggles.  And we do need others to help us get through them.  I’m grateful for all my family, friends, and communities.  The New Year gives us the opportunity to reflect and shed the past and focus on the future.  There is no use to dwell on what we cannot change.  We must look toward what we can change.

New Years is also a time for resolutions.  Instead of committing to a list, this year I have come up with three words to help as a guidance for your thoughts and actions.  Three is a small number.  They say good things come in threes right?  Here are the three words:

  1. Simple

  2. Natural

  3. Healthy

If we are what we eat, these three words work pretty well.  Keep your recipes and ingredients simple, natural and healthy.  What can go wrong here?

For material needs, simple can mean buying less not more.  Even for purchasing gadgets, simple for me can mean I’ll be able to figure out how to use it!  Hey, that means I might actually use it right?

For household and clothing items, look for those made from natural materials; wood, stone or bamboo are good choices, while cotton, wool, and silk always feel good next to the skin.   Try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible.  It’s just healthier.

For physical exercise, walking and easy exercises without equipment may be the way to go.  This can include yoga, tai chi, qi gong, stretching or just dancing!

To keep a healthy mind, try to stick to topics that actually make you feel good and are beneficial.  Music can be another form to stay grounded.   Find a genre that resonates with your life.

If you’re like me and are constantly trying to find your path in life, maybe you just need to simplify, do what comes naturally and keep a healthy mind.  I’m going to try to let go of things that aren’t really working and don’t bring me much good.  Time to reassess!

monkey clipartFrom an Asian perspective, this year is the Year of the Monkey.  Those born in the year of the monkey are thought to be clever, curious and mischievous.  For those born in the Year of the Monkey, may it be a special year for you.  And to all others, I wish you good health and much happiness.

Keep it Simple, Natural, and Healthy!   Happy 2016!

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