HorseradishThe other day my husband came home with a jar of Hee-Haw Horseradish from Canada.  I must admit, I do love horseradish in my devil eggs or with prime rib, so I was very excited to get this little gift.  Then he asked me, “so what do you think of the label?”  Well, I wasn’t expecting that question, I just wanted to eat the stuff.

But, I put on my feng shui consultant hat, and had a good look at the label.  First impression– I love the colors.  Also, both name of company and product on jar are large, clear, and legible.  Overall, it’s really an eye catching design.

Many of you may be wondering how does a product relate to feng shui?  Yes, that’s a legitimate question.

Feng shui is about how our living environment affects us.  So, the feng shui of a product is about how this product affects us.  What kind of energy and information is it projecting?  Does the design affect whether we want to try it?  Feng shui gives us the tools to analyze how we see it.  But, one thing this analysis can’t do is tell us the taste!

Now back to the design.  Let’s take another look at the jar and examine the overall shape.  The cylindrical form is a simple whole shape.  As form defines energy, this means the energy is whole and not disjointed. 1 horseradish jar

Next, we look at the colors.  Basically, there are a total of three main colors; black, red and white, with little green accents.  Limiting the color palette is good, because too much color can be distracting. From a feng shui color perspective, red is a yang color.  Red represents joy, fire, and the heart.  Because the product is hot horseradish, that also resonates with red.  Adding this color, is a good way to subconsciously indicate that it’s going to be “hot”.

The name Hee-Haw Horseradish is fabulous!  The image of the little donkey with his mouth on fire is memorable and fun.  The “haw” also makes one want to open their mouth wide open, again resonating with the heat of the product in an amusing way.

The most important information to get across to the consumer is to tell them what your product is.  Both size and design of the font does a great job.  So, from a feng shui perspective, it’s a wonderful label and design.  Well done!

But, most importantly, what does this horseradish taste like?  So, I made egg salad with four small eggs and added a heaping teaspoon of this extremely hot horseradish to see if I could handle it.  It gave a good kick, but I could handle a bit more, so I added another teaspoon.  This was just enough punch and made me wanting to go back for more…a very good sign.  egg salad

If you have a good product with good presentation that resonates with its design and packaging, it’s really a win win from a feng shui perspective.



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