In feng shui, we say all things have energy.  That means inanimate things like dining tables have energy too. But not all dining tables have the same energy.   Unlike a factory made table, one made from reclaimed wood carries a different kind of unique energy.

Conference Table Conference Table 3

How do we assess this energy?  Through it’s chi.  The Chinese say, chi consists of three things:

  1. matter

  2. energy,

  3. information

Therefore, for matter, we see the table from it’s physical description.    This special table is rectangular, rustic, made of thick recycled wood, with metal strips along the table edges.   The legs are not the standard posts, but have old wagon wheels on one side and casters on the other.

What kind of energy do you feel from this?  It looks heavy, solid and sturdy.  I like the juxtaposition of the legs which are metal but because of the openings within the form of the wheel and legs, visually, they look lighter and mobile.  It’s quite large in size and commands presence.

What’s the information we receive?  Recycled wood indicates it has had a previous life, and the wood is well aged.  Where is the wood from?  Why was it discarded?  It carries a history.  The same can be said for the wagon wheels.  I wonder what kind of product this wagon pulled.  When and where were they made?  Just thinking about all these things gives you a romantic feeling of the past.

Together, the description, the energy, and information, gives us a unique special connection and feeling for the table.  You understand that it has had a life of it’s own.  It’s one of a kind, it’s special.  It will make a bold statement in your home, bar, restaurant, or even office as a conference table.

If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind table please click here:  Shop for table.

What about your table?  Where does it come from?  What kind of energy does it carry?  How many meals did you enjoy on it?  Remember all the conversations you had at the table.  All these things contribute to the chi of the table.  Have fun thinking about the chi of your table.


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