gold leaf tea packetsMy girlfriend gave me a few packets of Japanese Gold Leaf Tea.  The Japanese characters on the packet says, Jun Kin Cha, or Genuine Gold Tea.  Yes, it claims to have real gold in the tea.   So, I opened the packet just to check.  In between the granules of plum and seaweed tea, there were tiny bits of gold shimmering in the light.

gold leaf tea dry

From ancient times, the wealthy Europeans and Asians alike embellished their food with gold dust and gold leaf to flaunt their wealth and impress their friends. Such usage of gold leaf can still be seen today.  In India, both silver and gold leaf is commonly seen on their sweets and foods.  In Japan, golf leaf squares are often sprinkled in kaiseki dishes as well as in sake.

Is gold just for show or does it actually have some beneficial qualities?  Gold is a an all natural material and non-toxic, therefore, it has been commonly used for dentistry too.  But today, it’s become too expensive for that purpose, so we have moved on to silver and other man-made materials.

According to Natural News, a news source on natural health, colloidal gold is the great rejuvenator of mind and body.  It enhances our moods, improves cognitive function, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps rejuvenation which in turn prolongs life.  So, in actuality, by offering your guests a bit of precious mental, you’re thinking about improving their health too!

gold leaf tea

That all sounds wonderful, but I just wonder how much we have to consume to really feel the benefits of gold.  I’m not going to worry about that today, and just enjoy a really good cup of hot plum flavored gold leaf tea.


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