mirror_ceiling2The function of mirrors is reflection.  For example, there are times in interior design where a mirror will be placed adjacent to a large sunny window.  The purpose behind this placement would be to reflect the outside greenery and allowing more sun to enter the home.  With more light and nature in the room, the space feels brighter and greener, therefore, more uplifting.

But, mirrors can also cause confusion.  When a mirror is tiled or has irregular shapes the reflection becomes distorted.


This image shows little square tiles connected in an abstract pattern to create one large mirror.    Now imagine yourself standing in front of this mirror.  What can you see?  Your reflection, just like the small mirror pieces, will appear to be broken into small pieces too.  Yes, your face will be fragmented too.  You will not see yourself as whole, but instead, it will be disjointed.  The form is not whole, which in feng shui means the energy is not whole, but chaotic.

Now, let’s get to the question.  What is the feng shui of dark mirrored ceilings?  My assumption for the purpose of installing dark mirrored ceilings was to create the illusion of a larger room and higher ceiling.  A light reflected in the mirror can make a room lighter which is a good thing.  However, if the mirrors are tiled, as mentioned above it can make the reflections broken and can cause confusion.  If the mirrors are dark and high enough, the reflections may not be noticeable.  In this case, there is nothing to worry about.

mirror_ceiling  On the other hand if the ceiling is low and you can see every reflection and movement, it can begin to subconsciously bother you.  In such cases, it would be best to paint over it with a white or a light color so there is no reflection. My preference would be a matte white.   If the house is a rental, placing a white sheet or board over the mirrors, so you don’t see the reflections and movement will remedy the situation.

In this image there are two mirrors.  One on the wall and the other on the ceiling.  The wall mirror expands the size of the room.  The ceiling mirror expands the height of the ceiling.  These mirrors are one large piece, not tiled.

While living in this space, be conscious on how it makes you feel.  How is your mood?  Are you confused or agitated?  If so, you will need to make adjustments.  If you find that the illusion of the expanded space has a positive effect of not being confined in a small room, that means it’s fine.

It’s always important to be aware of your feelings.  It will guide you if you need to make changes.  Once you’ve made adjustments, again check your feelings.  With the correct remedy, you should feel more calm and relaxed.



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