Today March 3rd is Girl’s Day in Japan.  I was thinking about this all day today.  Girl’s Day.  I don’t know any other country that actually has a Girl’s Day celebration.  If I’m wrong and ignorant, please let me know.  I want to know if anyplace else in the world celebrates Girl’s Day.  What a lovely celebration.

Girls are celebrated for just being girls.  They are celebrated by parents for being blessed with a girl.  They are celebrated for having good health and they thank the gods.  They also ask for the gods to protect the girls as they grow into their teenage years.

I am one of five girls and two boys.  Within the girls of my family, I am number three, the middle girl.  Yes, being the middle, I’m very lucky because I have two older sisters and two younger sisters.  With so many sisters, we fight, we share, we argue, we grow and we love.  Yes, no matter how many arguments we get into, and no matter how different we are, we always love our sisters.

As life would have it, I was never blessed with giving birth to a girl.  But, that’s okay.  I enjoy everyone else’s girls.  My sister’s daughters, my girlfriend’s daughters, and my neighbor’s and friend’s daughters.  They are all around us and make our life more full.

In the states, we don’t have a girls day.  But, maybe it’s time we should have one.  We need to celebrate just being thankful for who we are and how we actually are the other half of humanity.  We are the Yin of all the Yang.  We are the softness of all the hardness.  We are the mother of all the children.  Thank you to all the girls in the world, no matter how old you are.  Happy Girl’s Day!

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