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Feng-Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony in the environment by letting energy flow freely through spaces. In doing so, it promotes or attracts prosperity, good health, happiness and flow energy levels in the environment to attract happiness and feeling of well-being. It is anchored on the principle that good feng-shui generates good energy (qi) that encourages positive influences at home. One of the ways to create good feng-shui is to improve lighting at home. Using LED lights for example can create the right balance of light energy at home.

LED Lights and Harmony in Feng-Shui

The main objective of feng-shui is to synchronize with the environment. Lights radiate energy and create the mood for the well-being of occupants in a living space. The advantage of LED lights is they are versatile enough to use in different types of settings.

Look for Weak Areas that Need Light

But, before you apply feng-shui principles to a space using light it is helpful to assess which spaces lack or need illumination. Too much light is also counter-productive as it disrupts the balance and flow of energy. To be effective in incorporating lights in feng-shui, identify areas that need light such as corners, hallways, side walls and exteriors. Spot places where there is too much light that not only affects energy levels, but also creates a different mood. These areas in a house might include bedrooms or living room.

Retrofit Homes with LED Lights

Once areas are identified affected by the flow of energy, it is time to choose the right lights. LEDs are versatile since they come in different shapes and intensities. The intensity of lights will largely depend on the mood and tone that need to be created. For larger spaces, bright lights are effective especially in work areas where illumination is important to enable good visibility. Cool tones of LEDs are appropriate for this type of setting.

However, in bedrooms, the atmosphere must be subdued, quiet and conducive for resting and relaxing. Low LED light bulbs and those that emit an orange glow help achieve this effect. In living rooms and dens, both low and high lights are useful. Recessed LED lights with dimmable switches will do the job as brightness can be adjusted to give different effects.

Placement of Lights

One of the key aspects of feng-shui is balance – the harmony between yin and yang.  In practical terms, there is a place for everything and clutter in spaces must be minimized. When mounting LED lights, ensure that a wall, ceiling or floor is not over or under loaded with light fixtures not only for aesthetic purposes but also to rationalize allocation of resources and energy consumption. Complementing natural light with LEDs make homes, businesses and offices pleasant for everyone using these spaces.

Overall, what is important is to eliminate obstructions that impede the free flow of energy in spaces. Thus, providing lights in dark spaces and adjusting brightness are great ways to increase energy and create balance.

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