Do you believe in the exchange if energies?

In feng shui, we are taught that everything in the universe is a vibrating energy, which we call chi or qi. Not only live things such as plants and animals have chi, but objects, images and even empty spaces all have chi. Therefore, everything in our environment, whether alive or not, is exchanging energy in some manner.

Just as a plant receives the sun’s energy and nutrients and water from the earth to enable growth, feng shui practice believes that humans exchange energy with not only our environment but with other humans. If this is true, we must understand that friends, family and colleagues and everyone we come in contact with affects our well-being.

If you believe in this concept, then it becomes of utmost importance of who you keep in your close circle. Because those are the people that are going to affect you the most. Friends help us understand who we are. Therefore, I believe it’s important to keep your positive friends and also keep a little distance from your negative friends. All those around you are affecting your well-being. If you have a tendency to be angry, take a look around your friends. Do you see a reflection of them in yourself?

Stepping back to see the whole picture is a good way to analyze the situation. Like myself, we get so comfortable with who we are with that we begin to think that type of negative attitude is normal. When in reality it can be detrimental to our well-being without us noticing. Negativity can be very draining to our chi.

Try finding new friends and people that have very different professions or interests as yourself. Shake up your life a little bit. As long as you keep an open mind and and open heart you may find that they will teach you things you never knew about yourself, or see things from a very different perspective.

I was in a book club for many years but had to leave when we moved away. My neighbor Susanne kindly invited me to the group. They were not women that I would normally come across. It was a diverse group that included artists, nurses, teachers, and homemakers. Each had a slightly different perspective of a book, that if I was reading on my own, I’d never consider. It was such a wonderful group of women, with hearts of gold and a very positive view of life. They taught me so much and loved the energy they brought.

If others affect your energy, that means you affect other people’s energy too. Think about this.

Your energy influences others.  And naturally, we want to be a good influence.  That’s why you too must keep your energy high, upbeat, and positive. People want to be around others that uplift us.  I know I do.

But, yes,  it’s difficult to keep your energy up at all times.  But we can always be mentally positive. By keeping our mindset positive we are sharing the good chi to those around us.  And that’s a good feeling.

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