In this summer heat, you may not think about having a hot cup of tea.  But, sometimes it just solves all your small problems that are really not worth worrying about.

In Asia consuming something something hot in hot weather is considered good.  This is because it gets your sweat glands and circulation going when you’re feeling lethargic.  But, I find that a cup of tea has a different effect.

Cupping both hands around a hot cup of tea always brings warmth and comfort.  When time permits, my shoulders relax, I exhale and let my mind wander.

I live near Seattle, which is the home of Starbucks.  Coffee here is plentiful, good, and the most enjoyed beverage in this part of the world.  In Asia where I grew up,  tea is the most common beverage.

After my first cup of coffee in the morning, I switch to tea for the rest of the day.  Dr. Hsu’s book, The Essence of Tea tells us that tea is more yin while coffee correlates more with yang energies.  This means tea identifies more with reflection, contemplation and meditation.   The thoughts are more inward.  On the other hand, coffee identifies more with assertion, progression and expression.. . an outward projection.

In Asia, where I grew up, tea is the most common beverage.  Even kids enjoy a non-caffeinated version at a very young age.  Our kids drank cold mugi-cha or barley tea during the summer.  This type of tea is not sweet but has a deep roasted flavor.  It also has no caffeine.  This is definitely a better choice than all that pop which is full of sugar.  The less sugar, meant calmer kids too.

If you go to an Asian supermarket, you’ll find packets for iced barley tea.  It will often say MUGI CHA on the packet.  Why not give it try.

I do like sweetened black iced tea in the summer.  But, hot tea is good in the summer too.

We grew up with green tea.  Green tea is never enjoyed with sugar, because it will overpower the fragrance of the tea.  Today, we can enjoy teas from all over the world.  There are Chinese teas like oolong and jasmine, floral teas, herbal blends and many medicinal teas.

After a long hot day, why not sit back and pour yourself a hot tea.  And just let your worries melt away.

image: naturalogy


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