A few days ago I was working with Master Hsu organizing his blog posts on feng shui. We started in the early afternoon, and before I realized it, it was already getting dark outside. Since moving to the countryside, as the sun sets, it’s a sign for me to get going before the traffic gets too heavy.

I used to live about a seven-minute drive away from Dr. Hsu, but as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, we’ve moved about an hours drive away from the city. This day, I started packing up my laptop and headed out the door around 4:45 p.m.

Since moving to the countryside, I spend a lot of time in the car. Over time, I’ve come to enjoy this “alone” time listening to podcasts. I sit back, relax and realize that it’s no use stressing about the traffic. Instead, I try to make the time productive and enjoyable. I’m lucky because my son keeps up to date on all the new information on the internet. He turned me on to Joe Rogan and Tom Bilyue who hosts educational and inspiration stuff. And I really enjoy them! Please check them out. I don’t have any affiliation, but they are worth checking out. So much good information.

Joe Rogan http://podcasts.joerogan.net/

Tom Bilyue click to go his YouTube site

Okay, back to my story.

Because I live far, before every drive I check the traffic condition with my GPS. That day, the route took me though a smaller freeway and a country back road. Nothing new, as I’ve driven this road many many times in the last couple years.

This country road has two lanes and no street lights. So, once the sun sets, it’s pitch black. It is a little hilly and has some curves but nothing crazy. On this evening, at 5:15 p.m. the road was fairly busy in both directions, but not bumper to bumper. I was cruising along listening to a podcast as usual.

Then, in the dark shadows infront of my small car were two large animal bottoms heading into the bushes. “What is that?!!” I was thinking to myself. “two horses?” So I gently stepped on my brakes to slow down a bit, but kept going, then I heard a”BUMP.” Something hit the driver’s side of my car. But, I kept going. I took a deep breath and pulled over to the shoulder. In my rear view mirror, I noticed the truck behind me pulled over as well.

A young man got out of the truck. I rolled down my window and he kindly asked if I was okay. “I’m a little bit in shock” I answered. “What was that? deer?”, “No,” he said. “elk! And you hit one of them, but he got up and ran into the bushes. He’s okay.” I thought to myself, “wait, I didn’t hit him, he hit me!”

He continued, “they were way bigger than your car and there were five of them!” “Five?” “Yup, this road gets a lot of elk.” I never knew that. . .

The kind man circled my car and said it looked okay. Then he got back into his truck and we slowly entered traffic and drove off. I can’t remember if I thanked him properly. I really appreciated he stopped with me, so thank you wherever you are!

As you can imagine, the rest of the ride home, I drove cautiously. I felt really tired when I arrived home and needed a beer to calm down. I realized I was very, very lucky. It could have been a major accident. I should have died. Guess it’s not my time yet.

Someone was definitely watching over me. So, I called my Mom and she said the same thing. Dad was watching over me from the other side. He’s my guardian angel.

This incident also made me think that I need to finish what I intend to do. My book I’ve been writing on feng shui. . . it needs to get done.

I called Dr. Hsu and told him the story. He said, “in China, deer and elk are auspicious animals. It’s a very lucky sign. Go and buy a lottery ticket.” This put a smile on my face. I don’t need a lottery ticket, I was very lucky that I am safe. I’m grateful for my guardian angel.

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