culNowadays, it seems like everyone has an opinion. Which is fine. But, there are so many sides to every argument. Who’s side are you on?

When I was a kid, we moved from Honolulu to Tokyo because of my dad’s job.  Growing up my siblings and I attended an international school. There were kids from about 50 countries.  

We were all from different cultures.  But somehow under one roof, under one education system, and with the same school uniform, we all managed to get along.  It was a very nurturing environment.  

I think back now, and the interesting part was that it was a catholic school run by Irish nuns.  Yes, in Tokyo. How does that happen? Who knows.

But, what I do know is that they were more understanding than what’s going on today.  As a Catholic school, we were supposed to have religion class. It should have been bible studies.  However, because of the diversity, they really couldn’t do that. Not everyone was Christian. We had Muslims, Buddhists, Jewish, Hindus and everything else.  

So, instead of religion, we had “Values” class.  I think back now and realize how forward-thinking these nuns were!  

All religions have the same values.  It taught us that regardless of religion, the fundamental human values remain the same.

Probably because of my upbringing, I try hard to be a better listener.  Sometimes it’s hard when you don’t agree, but I’m working on it.   

As my feng shui master always reiterates, “keep an open mind, and an open heart.”  

I realize I learn a lot from those who have a different opinion.  

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