Does your living room feel organized and neat but you feel that something is missing?

Being an interior designer and a feng shui consultant, I get the opportunity to visit a lot of different homes.  Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are large, some are narrow, others have very high ceilings, while some can fit just a sofa and TV.  Windows and lighting also changes how you feel in the space. 

But often we feel that a space looks good but “something” is missing. 

Often, that something is real plants.

Plants just make us feel good.  It makes a room come alive.  Why is that? 

In feng shui we say that because we’re living beings, we resonate more with things that are alive.  That means other people, pets and animals, and yes, living plants.

They provide the feeling of living energy.

Living room with no plants

First, here is my living room with an armchair and no plants.

Living room with one plant

Now, the next photo is the same image with just one plant.

Living Room with two plants

The above image has two plants.

Which one do you like?  Do they feel different to you? 

I know that just observing an image feels different from actually being in the same room with the plant.  But, I think you can see the difference.  I’m wondering if that feeling comes across.

If you want to change the energy in your space.  Try getting an indoor plant and see how you feel.  I want you to go the shops and  buy one small plant.   

First, find one that you like.  Make sure it will survive indoors.  Then, find out how much sun it needs.  It’s important to know if you have to keep it by a window, or not.  That affects the health of the plant.  You need a healthy plant to make you feel good.  Plants with dried and shriveled up leaves won’t energize you.  It may do the opposite.  It will express neglect.  Then the sight of a dying plant will make you feel bad.  We don’t want that!  We want you to feel good.

If you’ve never had a plant before, get just one.  Start slowly is my advice.  You don’t want to get too excited and kill them all.  If you already have one, get another.  Plants get lonely too.  Having a friend makes it grow stronger.

Once you get used to watering the plant, you’ll feel connected to it.  And it will make your living room come alive.  Please post a picture of your indoor plants!  I’d love to see them.

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