Writing emails? Paperwork? Making phone calls? If you ask me, that type of work can be tedious. Well, honestly, they’re not very fun.

It’s more like monotony. I wouldn’t say I’d associate it with “boring”. I’d say it’s just “not exciting”.

But, because I practice and study the Tao, I understand that everything has a yin and yang. As they say, there is no up if there is no down, and if you don’t know sadness, you won’t know joy.

It’s the same in exercise. Some days I’m not too excited to do my exercises. Especially squats. Yes, it can get monotonous doing squats. That’s just the nature of the exercise. But, the other day, I had a pleasant surprise on the actual benefits of doing them.

In our house, it’s my husband’s job to take out the garbage. Well last night he must have been in “relaxed” mode because he forgot. The garbage in our neighborhood comes between 7:00- 8:00 a.m.. I figure, we must be one of the first stops on their route.

Well, my husband is now a farmer. And every morning he leaves the house early to tend to his farm. When I went downstairs, he was already gone.

So, I was making a cup of coffee in the kitchen when I heard the garbage truck approaching. Then as I casually looked out the window, I suddenly noticed that our bins were not out. “Oh no, he forgot to put them out last night!” I thought, “I needed to get them out there quickly.”

I slipped on my shoes, ran out the door and grabbed the garbage bin and rolled it to the street, just in time for the garbage truck. The driver shouted out the window, “if you have yard waste, the truck is right behind me.” “Got it, thanks!” I shouted and gave him a thumbs up.

I rolled the empty bin back and ran to get the big yard waste bin. Phew,I just made it! After the trucks left, I was so happy I got it to them in time. But then I realized something else.

Without thinking I ran! Yes, I actually sprinted…because I hate having to keep trash for another week! It was easy and I wasn’t in pain nor was I out of breath! Those monotonous squats work!

In the same way, if I only experienced “exciting” things all the time, like just designing in my business, after a while, I probably wouldn’t know what exciting meant because I wouldn’t have anything to compare it to. And it’s the monotony of phone calls, emails, and the drafting that really are the backbone to my business.

What type of monotonous task do you do every day to move forward?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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