What role do you Play?

This week it’s been so amazing and inspiring to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Five years ago, I recall watching a live video when the Olympic committee named Tokyo as the host for the 2020 summer Olympics. The excitement of the Japanese people jumping up and down and waving their flags is still in my memory. Then over the years in preparation, the country as a whole came together to do their best to make it a great success. But, of course, due to the COVID virus, things didn’t turn out as expected. Deep in my heart I feel sad for Japan.

Artistic Gymnastics. Screenshot from olympics.com

I applaud them for the wonderful job they’re doing under the circumstances. The stadiums look beautiful, clean, and so organized, just how they like it. In my opinion, they’re the best at these things. I just wish all the venues were full of people cheering on the world’s best athletes.

In these difficult times where we’re all confined to our homes, I’m grateful to see these wonderful athletes show their strength, speed, accuracy, and resilience. It’s just so inspiring!

Olga Korbut at the Summer Olympic Games in 1972. Photo from Soviet press.

When I was a little girl, I remember watching the 1972 Olympics held in Munich, Germany. There was a gymnast from the Soviet Union, Olga Korbut who was 4′-11″. The tumbling and movements made me want to try gymnastics too. So, I asked my mother if I could do gymnastics and she enrolled my sister and I in a class. I loved tumbling, it was so fun!

I began to reflect how we progress in life where we are players at some points and eventually move on to becoming the cheerleader and the spectator.

Though I can no longer tumble, I have a childhood girlfriend who can still tumble and do flips at our age! It’s truly amazing. I will take the role as cheerleader.feng

But, as we graduate in one area, we can become the player in other areas.

For me, I am still working in design and am pursuing more knowledge about feng shui. Every job I go to, I learn something new. Every client I meet, I learn something new.

Just a few days ago, I went to the appliance shop with my clients who are remodeling their kitchen. I have a regular appliance rep. who gives us a tour of the newest and the most appropriate appliances for that particular client.

As it turned out, I learned more about induction cooking. Over they years I knew about induction cooking as a safe alternative to an electric or gas stove because it was a safe option for those aging in place. I never really thought of it as a better stove because all the restaurants use gas. I believed gas was number one!

But, as I found out, now the restaurants are moving to induction!

What is an induction cooktop and why are restaurants using them?

Induction cooktop. Photo: Pixabay

Induction cooking uses electric currents to directly heat pots and pans through magnetic induction, That means unlike gas or electricity, they heat the metal pots directly, not the whole surface. Induction cooktops “are commonplace in most commercial kitchens because they provide a clean, efficient and versatile heat source with very low investment.” They heat the pan to a very high temperature very quickly which means you spend less time at the stove.

What’s the drawback? The drawback is that you you need iron pans and some stainless steel pans work but not all. That means aluminum pans, glass and ceramic pots won’t work. It has to be magnetic. Okay, I’m going off topic again…

As we move along in life, sometimes we’re the player and other times we’re the cheerleader or spectator.

As the situation changes so does your role.

But, no matter how old you are, you can always be a player in whatever you’re interested in.

And thank you to all the world athletes who inspired all of us keep trying our best!

With dedication and work, you get the results!

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