There are many personal factors that dictate how and why we choose a home, such as schools, commute to work, traffic, safety, neighborhood desirability, and shopping.

Good feng shui should also be one of the key considerations which should include the following qualities:

  1. good location,
  2. holistic form,
  3. smooth qi energy flow,
  4. provide a good feeling.

1. Good Location

A good site is protected and has an ample open space in front in a pleasant surrounding environment.

Avoid the following patterns:

  • A busy street with fast traffic, as qi may flow too fast
  • A steep hillside or mountain top, as qi does not gather
  • A deep valley and congested neighborhood, as qi stagnates
  • A chaotic neighborhood, as qi is not holistic

2. Holistic Form

A house should have a holistic form. The ideal floor shape for a residential house is square or rectangular.

Choppy, irregular, strange or bizarre forms as well as zigzag patterns or sharp angular structures are not holistic.


3. Smooth Qi Energy Flow

A good house should have a smooth energy flow. Outside, a house should have a nice open space in front that is easily accessible. Inside, a house should have a clear connection between different rooms.

If the house is too open, with poorly defined spaces, the flow is too fast, causing unsettled emotions. A large window across an entry that forces you to look outside immediately also means that the qi is flowing too fast.

On the other hand, if the house is too partitioned and the passage ways have many turns, forming a maze, then the energy flow is too slow. In a house, all rooms should be well situated; all occupants in that space will also connect well.


4. Provide Good Feeling

A house should make you feel good. In general, we all have an immediate response to a place. It might feel comfortable or uneasy, warm or cold, or even happy or depressing. These are responses to the qi of the environment you are in.

Generally speaking, if the first three criteria that we mentioned above as essential for a good house are satisfied, the house will probably have a good feeling already. However, good interior decorating and furnishings could further enhance the good feeling.


How to know that the house has good feng shui

If you have lived happily in the house and things are going smoothly in all aspects of your life, the chances are your house has good feng shui as it supports your life.

On the other hand, if after moving into a new house and there are relationship, financial, or health issues without any apparent reason, there may be a feng shui issue.

The impact for the house might take a certain period of time before becoming apparent. In general, it will manifest within a couple of years.


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