The luopan (or lo-pan, lupan) is a geomantic compass, also known as Chinese magnetic compass or Feng Shui compass. It is used by Feng Shui practitioners to find direction.

Typically, a lo-pan design has a magnetized needle in the center aligned with the north-south direction, encircled with between 12-36 rings containing Feng Shui variables and sits on a red square base that signifies earth.

Each ring represents a particular variable such as the bagua, 24 mountains (directions), seasons, Five Elements, lunar and astrological positions, 60 year cycles, 64-hexagrams, 360 degree divisions, and many others.

Lo-pan designs are different between the San Ho and San Yuan schools.

Essentially, the lo-pan is a compass; however, some have wrapped it with a mystical veil, claiming it can detect qi energy.


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