Some feng shui practices use crystals as “cures” or remedies for a house. Are these true feng shui concepts?

Jenny Hones answers:


These “cures” were picked up from belief systems, folklore, and superstitions, wrapped in feng shui terminology.

They are not true feng shui concepts nor do they provide a “cure” or remedy for the problem. However, it is also harmless for those who find these practices intriguing.

Crystals are not Feng Shui

In the past few decades, crystals have been introduced by some new age feng shui practitioners to energize and expand the space and bring good luck. This has never been part of feng shui tradition, nor is it relevant to the core feng shui concept.

Crystals have been used for centuries as jewelry and ornaments. In many cultures, people believe crystals hold mystical power for healing and protection. Regardless of its validity for such application, it is outside the realm of feng shui practice.

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