My client Cathy, loves a little bling!  When we went to the furniture shop, as we were looked at through the rack of samples, one fabric  jumped at her.  “Oooh, I looove that!” she exclaimed as she rubbed her hand across the surface.

We took it off the rack and laid it on the table.  It was so Cathy! 

What she loved was a leopard print.  But, this was no ordinary leopard print.  It was in a velvet turquoise.   “what can we use this with?” she asked. 

With such a distinctive fabric, we wondered where this would work best.  We ended up using it on the bench for her new dining table.  And we added a matching turquoise piping along the edges to enhance the gray wood.  We knew it was going to glamorous!  Just like my client, Cathy.  She couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.

After six weeks, I got a call from Eric, “The bench arrived!  You can come pick it up anytime.”

“That’s great, I can’t wait to see it!”  I responded.   Cathy didn’t have time to pick it up, so I ended up going.  When I got there, Eric was waiting for me.  It was gorgeous!  After I dropped it off at her house, I couldn’t wait to hear her reaction.

I didn’t hear from her that evening.  Hmm… that’s strange I thought.  The following morning I got a call.  “It’s not working”  That was not the reaction I was expecting. 

“What? How could that be” I thought to myself.  “What’s not working?”  I asked her.

Then she sent me a picture.  

The bench was a couple inches too long and didn’t fit under the new dining table.  Aiya!  She was right it wasn’t working.

The bench didn’t fit under the new dining table…

How did this happen?  Did we miscommunicate?  The furniture shop, my client and I agreed that we all miscommunicated.  But, that didn’t solve the problem.  

What was I going to do?  I want my clients to be happy.  If they’re not happy, I’m not happy.  So, then and there I made the decision and I told Cathy, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it fixed.  And if we can’t get it fixed, we’ll get you a new one.”  

Then she added, “Thanks Jenny.  And we need it by the middle of next month because I’m having a big party and company.”  Uh oh, I needed to think fast.  

I texted my upholsterer right away with photos too.  “I need help!  Can you remove this upholstery and put it back on?  The bench is too long.  I need to take off 2 ½  inches.”

“I have to see it, but I think it can be done.  Bring it in.”  Great!  First step done.

Then I texted the furniture maker.  “Can you cut down a bench?”  and sent him the photo.  “Yeah, it looks pretty straight forward.”  Everyone was busy.  I needed it done sooner rather than later.   But, somehow, they were all so kind and accommodated me.

“I got this”  I had to tell myself.  

I picked up the bench, had the upholstery and padding removed.  Then I took the bench to the furniture maker.  He had to remove the legs and cut the bench down to the right size and put the legs back on.  This took a week.

When he was done, I then brought the fixed bench back to the upholsterer to have the cushion and fabric put back together. I waited another week.  Then he called me. 

“Okay, Jenny, it’s ready for pick-up!”  When I went to pick it up.  I was so happy.  The craftsmen did their magic!  It’s really a good feeling when the people you’ve worked with in the past come through for you.

As I drove up to Cathy’s house, I felt a sense of relief.  I was so grateful for everyone who helped me out.  Cathy was there waiting for me. 

We carefully, lifted the bench and brought it into the house.  We put it next to the dining table.  It slid under the table perfectly!  Yay!

The best part was, my client was happy, I was happy, everyone was happy.  Her custom bench looked fabulous, just as she imagined.  And she reported that the party and the guests thought it was glitzy, just like her!  It’s wonderful when a vision becomes a reality!  And a big thank you to the craftsmen who made it happen.

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