The main entrance, along with the bedroom and kitchen are the three most important feng shui features in a house.

The main entrance defines the outside and inside of a house and is the gateway for qi flow. This in turn relates to the prosperity of the household. It also reflects the resident’s views of the world as well as the image they present.

The ideal main entrance should have the following qualities:

1. Face a pleasant open space

The main entrance should face a pleasant open space. This is the main passageway where qi flows to the house. An open space in front assures abundant qi flow. It should be clean, tidy, visually pleasant, accessible, and clearly visible.

2. The center of the facade

The ideal placement of the front door is in the center of the facade. In most classical buildings, doors are placed in the center of the structure, just as the nose, mouth, and eyes are centered on the human face. This symmetry creates a balanced feeling which will resonate with the feminine and masculine energies of the house.

3. The proportional facade

The size of the door should be proportionate to the house. It should present a solid and stable image.

4. The inviting foyer

The foyer should be inviting. A spacious and aesthetically pleasing foyer will set a welcoming tone and provide abundant qi flow.

5. The ideal direction

When considering the ideal direction a house faces, the most important factor is the surrounding natural physical setting. Traditional feng shui principles stress having the house face an open space such as a road, open field, or bodies of water. Other considerations may include climate and weather patterns.

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