People often ask: Is it bad feng shui to have a television in the bedroom? Actually, having a television in a bedroom is a personal choice, a lifestyle issue.

Most modern amenities and household products affect our health to some varying degree. This includes over a thousand different household chemicals, electrical appliances, cell phones, computers, etc. Do we give up these modern amenities and go back to living our lives like people from a few centuries ago?

Do not be overly obsessed with a small quantity of electronics, for their impact toward our health may be insignificant. If one insists a T.V. is not good in a bedroom, then it is not good in any room.

For many parents, the only time they are free to relax is after they have taken care of their household chores and their children have gone to bed. Enjoying some T.V. time in bed before sleeping is not bad feng shui.

Often in life, the fear itself does more damage than the actual cause. Modern life is full of compromise, but we should indeed avoid having too many electronic gadgets in the bedroom, to minimize electromagnetic impact.

Good judgment and moderation is the key. After all, the bedroom is used for sleep.

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